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My tribe - My people

One thing is for sure is that people come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. My parents and their best friends are visiting our Clearwater home. While here, I escorted my Mom, Sandy and Karen (her bestie) to the nearest Walgreens for some necessities. In Florida, Walgreens are very big compared to rural Wisconsin. I landed by the makeup looking for my new secret anti-aging cream while 'my people' wandered around the store getting their respective items.

Suddenly, I hear, "CA-CAW!" with a quick echo of "CA-CAW" in less than three seconds - two different tones. Hmmmm... I think to myself. Low and behold, standing in the middle isle are Sandy and Karen perched together, smiling. I slither up to them and say, "Did you all just do the 'Ca-Caw' thing? Karen explains it is how they 'find' each other. Again, I ponder... so they do this often? Holy shit - it is another episode of Crazy in Clearwater. Par for the course. If it makes them happy and brings them joy... who am I to judge?

Fast forward a couple days. 'My people' (my parents and their best friends) wanted to go to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. Walter and I were happy to take them any where they wanted ... we loaded up the cars and off we went. Adventure awaits and hopefully big bucks. After 30 minutes in the car navigating with traffic and my Mom letting me know how impressed she was with my 'city driving' we arrived at the casino. My tribe - my people all meet at the entrance together. It is determined quickly the plan. However, first stop - BATHROOM. Do you have any idea how many pit stops to the restroom you have to make with people over 60? A lot. Just sayin.

I repeated the plan to my Dad a few times. First - bathroom. Second - leave your phone on so we can find you. Third - regroup back here at the entrance. Simple, right? Sandy and Karen already headed to the restroom as I was explaining to my Dad, in my adult voice, over and over. Side note: he claims he can hear just fine. I beg to differ.

Finally, I head to the powder room. With what seemed like only a few minutes, I approach the sinks and wash up. I peek under the stalls to see if Sandy and Karen are still in their cubicles. All I see is feet and I can not remember what shoes they have on? Instantaneously, I pull my shoulders back and from deep down in my gut I yell, "CA-CAW!" I hear toilets flushing, but no Sandy and Karen. Once again I give it a go, "CA-CAW!" Out of nowhere the cleaning comes out of the end stall and she looks at me like I have seven heads. Swiftly, I see her grab for her two-way radio. I know now she is informing security that a crazy lady is making bird sounds in Lavatory #7 and to call the people with straight jackets to come get me. I bolt out of there like lightening and find both Sandy and Karen at a slot machines. As my Mom just about chokes from laughing so hard, and Karen has tears rolling down her face over my adventure - I realize, these are my tribe - my people.

We left the casino with no extra money, but added a new story to repeat every time we need a good laugh.

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