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Breunig Communications is a flexible Marketing Communications firm, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to get you noticed by all the right people. Whether through strategic targeting, multimedia placements, or events, we have the tools to make our clients stand out.


Our concern for making sure everything is taken care of is why we are such a reputable Marketing Communications Firm. We make sure no detail is overlooked, from content creation to Branding, always with the goal of keeping the client at the forefront.



Located at the intersection of Hwy 12 and Water Street in Sauk City, Wisconsin - this digital sign platform will bring exposure to any business, organization or individual. 

Communicate your message, brand or service to thousands of people passing through Sauk City every day! Our digital advertising platform allows you to promote products, serve your customers better, and enhance your overall vision. Be seen here 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

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We handle the interviewing, writing, editing, layout, design, photography, pre-press and printing. If you prefer to write your own copy and/or take your own photos, we can manage that too!

Your newsletter showcases your expertise to customers and potential customers alike. Send valuable content that reminds them why they care about your business.

Newsletters can be an important part of your brand and are the crux of most email marketing strategies. Email remains a powerful marketing channel for driving sales, and the quality of your newsletters can make or break your email marketing efforts. It’s easy to send any old email, but sending an email newsletter that consistently entertains your audience with appropriate timing and context can take time and should be approached with care.

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One of the most impactful marketing and branding tools a business can create is a brochure/pamphlet/flyer. It's effective, versatile and relatively inexpensive promotional collateral. Showcase your business, products, and services when we create your one of a kind professional brochure/pamphlet/flyer. 

Breunig Communications prides itself in providing high quality work with a large dose of creativity.  Not only are brochures/pamphlets/flyers good for a business, but they are a great way to illustrate a sports team, fundraiser or a group of deserving of promoting.



With Breunig Communications your website is designed using current website best practices, including optimizing for mobile devices.  Your website will tell your story, in your words, showcasing your vision and mission.  Offering a full array of services to help you with your online presence, e strive to create just the right website for each client. We can help you have the website that will not only look great, but meet the needs of both you and your target audience.



At Breunig Communications, we know that the secret ingredient to a memorable, exciting event lies in the details.  When you’re planning a private party, fundraiser, customer appreciation, open house or social event – a birthday celebration, graduation, an anniversary soiree, wedding and more – you want to infuse the essence of the guest of honor into every detail. Our planning and design wizards are experts at asking the right questions and using our creative spark to produce the perfect event. We specialize in the 'WOW factor.'

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Develop your brand awareness, build relationships and increase your exposure. Growing your followers on social media will help you increase word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will help you increase your followers with relevant people. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

Breunig Communications will also help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.



Blogging is another way to tell your story. Are you looking for the best blog writing service? Let our professional inbound marketing team write custom content that keeps your audience engaged.  Blogging is an important component of any successful online marketing campaign. Let us take the stress out of your creative message. 

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Breunig Communications has a special production team that offers video services, strategy and marketing. Our video services help you reach your business goals, whether you want to engage employees or convert clicks into customers. The process starts with a strategy, where we identify the messages and approaches that will create the desired outcome. And it ends with continuous testing and optimizing, to make sure the results we’re getting are the best they can be.

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Have a list of clients or customers you would like to reach, but do not have the time or creativity to reach them effectively and efficiently.  Let us help you.  Communications are important - work smarter, not harder!

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